Rehearsals are held on Monday each week between 7.30pm and 9.30pm in St. John’s School, Ely.


Once a month there is a social group serving a variety of teas and coffees, as well as delicious home made cakes, in the staffroom at school. Members are welcome any time from 18:45 until the start of the rehearsal to join us to chat over a drink and a cake - the drink and the cake are optional as long as you fancy a chat! Dates of these groups are listed in the rehearsal schedule to the right.


Some of the members also meet informally after practice and share a drink (and an optional sandwich) at the Prince Albert pub on Silver Street. Anyone from the Society is welcome to join that group as and when they can, no regular commitment is required. Please contact the webmaster Mark Liversidge on the Contacts page if you would like to come to this but transport is an issue.


There is also a rehearsal on the morning or afternoon on the day of each concert, again listed on the rehearsal scheule. Attendance on the day of the concert rehearsal with the orchestra is obligatory.


To ensure the highest quality of performance members should try to attend all rehearsals. For unavoidable absences you should inform your voice representative or a member of the committee of your absence. Members who have not attended sufficient rehearsals will not be permitted to sing in the concerts; anyone with any concens over their ability to sing a specific concert based on attendance should speak to the conductor Andrew Parnell.


Voice Representatives


Soprano: Anita Menon-Harding

Alto: Currently vacant

Men’s Voices: Roger Hill



Messiah practice files



John's Learn Choral Music


Crucifixion practice files

Royal Free Music Society

John's Learn Choral Music



To listen to the John's files on a PC:

  • Clicking on the file should start your default MIDI player.
  • If it does not, right click on the file to save to your PC, and then open Windows Media Player.
  • From there, open the file from where you've saved it to your PC.


To listen to the John's Learn Choral Music files on an Apple device (e.g. iPhone / iPad):

  • Download a free MIDI player app from the App Store (such as Sweet Midi Player or MIDI Score).
  • Click on the file, then select "Open in..." from the top left of the screen.
  • You should see three rows of options, the top row saying "Air Play".
  • On the second row, you should see the app you've downloaded and then click on it.
  • When the app opens, find the file in the playlist and then select the Play option.



Rehearsals Membership Workshops




Rehearsal Dates 2016-17


All rehearsals are on Mondays in St. John's School, Ely at 7.30 pm, unless otherwise indicated

Please note that this schedule is provisional. Venice rehearsal dates and times TBC as soon as available.




20         Messiah - Cake and Chat at 18:45 in the Staffroom

27         Messiah




6           Messiah

13         Messiah - Coffee, Cake and Chat at 18:45 in the Staffroom

20         Messiah

27         Messiah




3          Messiah

8          Concert

Rehearsal 13:30 to 16:30 (TBC)

Concert assemble 19:00 (Lady Chapel)

10         No rehearsal

17         No rehearsal

24         Beethoven / Parnell - Coffee, Cake and Chat at 18:45 in the Staffroom



1          Beethoven / Parnell