Review of Ely Choral Society’s concert, 30th June 2013


On a rare warm summer’s evening there is nothing better than to attend a concert in Ely Cathedral’s Lady Chapel. Ely Choral Society’s event In Nature’s Realm on Saturday was indeed well worth attending. The programme was interesting and varied; the participants in fine form.....


Ely Youth Choir are getting better and better and their songs were a charming addition to the programme this evening.  In Blue Mountain River by Cara Dillon arranged by P Hunt the parts gelled well and the solos delightful. John Rutter’s Look at the World flowed beautifully.







Review of Ely Youth Choir Festival Concert, 28th April 2013


The Ely Youth Choir Festival Concert in the Hayward Theatre Ely on Sunday 28th April 2013 was a great success. Youth Choirs from North Suffolk and Ely along with the Cantiamo! Youth Choir gathered together for a day’s singing in a series of workshops as part of this inaugural Festival.


The culmination of the event was a most uplifting concert. ...The singers were in fine voice, creating moments of excitement and beauty..... What particularly impressed me was the natural beauty of the tone of these young singers.


There was nothing forced about their production and they were obviously gaining a great deal from the experience. Also, although it would have been tempting to do, many of the songs chosen were not easy – there were a number of challenges to overcome especially with some of the more sophisticated harmonies and energizing rhythms. ...


Juliet Abrahamson, Director of the Cambridge Music Festival, gave encouraging advice to the performers at the end of the event and mentioned what a good idea it was to have a festival for youth.

















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Ely Youth Choir Festival, April 2013

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Prom at the Palace, June 2013


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Ely Youth Choir Concert, May 2013


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 Ely Integrated Youth Choir, June 2013